LUA Wave’s Of Kando’s aka “Bogie”

Sire ~ WLK Heat Wave                                 Offspring ~
Dam ~ Peruvian Miss Kantilla                       LUA Gloria's Ruby (F)
ILR #287400 ~ DOB  6/13/11

Bogie is a gelding, but he has earned his own page.  He was Megan's 13th Birthday present.  We purchased him from our dear friends, Lloyd & Tami Lash.  He and Megan had a bit of a rough start.  They were both equally stubborn and they disagreed on almost everything.  Bogie is the only llama who has ever made Megan cry out of frustration.  She didn't believe she would ever get him to stop alarm calling, in her ear, and spitting, on her face.  We finally figured out that he had an extremely strong guard instinct.  He had quickly become the protector of our female herd and their crias.  Megan and I took a leap of faith and entered him in a national show, a month after bringing him home.  Yes, we had lost our minds.  Bogie was a completely different llama, once we got him away from his herd.  He followed Megan around and did most of what she asked of him.  He even climbed a flight of stairs.  He went through three obstacle courses and never once alarm called nor spit.  Bogie went on to the Montgomery County Fair and won Best In Show!  He then won a huge Non-Breeder class and Grand Champion, at the Indiana State Fair.  Bogie went on to place well at nearly every show he went to.  Bogie has mostly been retired from the showring.  He now spends most of his time, back on the farm, with his herd.  He is an incredible "Uncle Bogie" to all of our new crias and watches over them, diligently.  He occasionally makes public appearances at store openings and other such events.  Bogie is a huge part of our farm and our lives.

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Some of Bogie’s early pictures are courtesy of Lloyd and Tami Lash, Lash’s Unique Animals.  All other pictures are property of Swaying Sycamore Farm, Matt, Erin, Isaac and/or Megan Fruits, unless otherwise stated. They may not be used, copied, altered, distributed nor sold, without prior written consent.