We are Matt, Erin, Isaac & Megan Fruits.  Our lives have always revolved around animals.  We take great pride in breeding and raising high quality Llamas, Pugs and Shih Tzus.  All of these incredible animals bring such joy to our lives and we love sharing them with others.  We are located in beautiful West Central Indiana.

We are very involved with our llamas and participate in 4-H, ILR-Show Division and ALSA.  We enjoy traveling and showing at as many llama shows as we can. We love sharing our precious animals with the public too.  Our breeding llamas and their offspring have gentle temperaments and are trained to manipulate a wide variety of situations.  This not only allows for competition in multiple performance classes, but helps us to do basic handling and in maintaining proper herd health. We breed for gentle dispositions, correct conformation, stretch and balance, great presence and beautiful fleece.  Please visit our llama pages and enjoy our beautiful camelids.

We love sharing our lives with our Pugs and
Shih Tzus!  Both breeds were originally bred for human companionship.  Their sweet and gentle dispositions make them wonderful family pets.  We do breed our dogs, but they are first and foremost our pets. We consider them members or our family.  We strive to always maintain happy, healthy and outgoing adults and puppies.  Please visit our dog pages and enjoy.

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