Female Airedales


Swaying Sycamore’s Cleo

Megan had been asking for another big dog, for a long time, since we lost our Chocolate Lab of 14 years. She pick an Airedale. I had grown up with Airedales so I knew they would be a good breed for her. She found a great breeder near us. She had a couple of female puppies available.  We found the one for us. Cleo has been an amazing addition to our family. She can run around all day, with Megan, and cuddle up at night. Cleo has the gentlest mouth we’ve ever seen and is amazing with all the llamas and little puppies. We truly found the perfect dog for us. Megan and Cleo are the perfect pair.  Cleo has practically trained herself, at the farm.  We all love Cleo, she has brought so much happiness into our family.  She is a wonderful mom!