Male Shih Tzus

These dogs are, first & foremost, our pets and a part of our family.  They are not for sale.


Swaying Sycamore's Rascal

DOB  3/20/16
Sire ~ Sir Beethoven VIII
Dam ~ Precious Sweet Pea
Color(s) ~ Black & White

Offspring ~ 

  1. Gizmo (M), Naomi (F), Ke (M), Gage (M) and (M)
  2. Duncan (M), Sophie (F), Mexico (M), Rosie (F) and Ernie (M)
  3. Maggie (F), Tucker (M), Tanner (M), Swaying Sycamore's Pickles (F) and Swaying Sycamore's Sasha (F)

Rascal is CKC registered.  He is 12 lbs. of pure sweetness.  We picked him out at 4 weeks old.  We knew he was the perfect one for us.  His name was also decided right away.  We are still so truly grateful to John & Cathy Ratcliff for letting us make him a part of our family.  Rascal is a handsome black & white.  He has sired several beautiful, healthy puppies, with his wonderful disposition.  He has produced Blues, Livers, Black & White and Brindles.




DOB  7/27/17
Sire ~ Sugar Ray Royal
Dam ~ Azul Royal
Color(s) ~ Blue

Offspring ~

  1. Buddy (M), Liver (F)
  2. Louie (M), Annabel (F), Gracie (F), Liver (F)

We were looking for another male, to breed to our Rascal daughters.  We could not believe our luck when we found Royal.  He's a Blue!  We picked his name before we even knew his dam's and sire's names.  His breeder, LaLonna Collins, is pure joy.  We immediately formed a friendship and loved talking about our love of animals.  She has a wonderful Facebook page, ZuZu's Puppies.  When we picked Royal up, in Michigan, we could not be more thrilled.  We absolutely love him!  He is very quiet and well behaved.  He has a wonderful disposition, that he will hopefully pass on to his puppies.  We look forward to seeing what he produces when he is old enough.

Swaying Sycamore’s Rascal’s early puppy pictures are courtesy of his breeders, John & Cathy Ratcliff.  Royal’s early puppy pictures are courtesy of his breeder, LaLonna Collins.  Thank you all for allowing us to use them.  All other pictures are property of Swaying Sycamore Farm, Matt, Erin, Isaac and/or Megan Fruits.  They may not be used, copied, altered, distributed nor sold, without prior written consent.