Female Shih Tzus

These dogs are, first & foremost, our pets and a part of our family.  They are not for sale.



Swaying Sycamore's Kami Sue

DOB  2/23/16
Color(s) ~ Brindle

Offspring ~ 

  1. Gizmo (M), Naomi (F), Ke (M), Gage (M) and (M)
  2. Tucker (M), Tanner (M), Maggie (F), Sasha (F)
  3. Max (M), George (M), Suzy Q (F), Black & White (F) and Bella Blu (F)
  4. Liver (M), Brindle (M), Black & White (F), Black (M)

Kami Sue is a petite 9 lb. female that is Brindle in color.  She is an excellent mom.  She is extremely attentive and protective.  She is a busy body and rarely sits still.  She is a sweet and lovable girl who enjoys spending time with our family.  Kami Sue is owned in partnership with our daughter, Megan.

Swaying Sycamore's Sookie ~ Retired

DOB  2/23/16
Color(s) ~ Brindle

Offspring ~ 

  1. Sophie (F), Duncan (M), Rosie (F), Ernie (M) and Mexico (M)
  2. Black (M), Indy (M), Brindle (F), Abby (F), Brindle (M), Olive (F) and Boomer (M)
  3. Bella (F), Hershey (M), Toby (M), Buster (M) 

Sookie is a petite 11 lbs..  She is a very light Brindle.  Sookie has been a wonderful mom.  She is very protective and attentive.  She always loved playing with her puppies.  Sookie enjoys spending time with us and will get to do more of it, in her retirement.




DOB  4/30/17
Sire ~ Puppy
Dam ~ Sophie
Color(s) ~ Blue Brindle

Offspring ~

  1. Liver (F), Black (M), Brindle (F)
  2. Violet (F), Black & White (F), Brindle (M), Brindle & White (M), Black & White (M), Brindle & White (M)

Graysee is an extra special girl and a wonderful mommy.  She is only 9 lbs., but appears bigger than she really is. She just has a very thick, absolutely gorgeous, coat!  We feel so blessed to have found Graysee.  We were looking for another female and just happened upon her.  She's a Blue!  We had just gotten a Blue male and so we were more than thrilled to find her.  She is the funniest, most lovable girl too.