Male Pugs

These dogs are, first & foremost, our pets and a part of our family.  They are not for sale.


Swaying Sycamore's Jack Frost


CKC # ~ PG-05231328
DOB 10/23/19
Sire ~ Otis James Harrison
Dam ~ Koollabs Lucy Harrison
Color(s) ~ White


  1. Black (F)
  2. Black (F), White (M), White (M), Black (F)
  3. Fawn (F), Fawn (F), Fawn (F), Black (M), Fawn (M), Black(M)

We had considered adding a White male, once we had purchased a female that carried the white gene, but wanted to carry multiple colors.  Well, Jack is that male!  He is so incredibly sweet!!  We absolutely love his personality.  He has the potential to produce White, Black, Fawn, Brindle and Reverse Brindle.  His puppies are gorgeous and just as sweet as he is.

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Swaying Sycamore's Tug-A-Pug-A •Retired•


DOB  5/25/12
Color(s) ~ Black

Offspring ~ 

  1. Bug - Fawn (F), Idaho - Fawn (M), and Tinker - Black (F)

Tug joined our family as a two-year-old.  He had a rough start, to life, but we have made sure he's spoiled now.  He is especially fond of our daughter, Megan.  He is not only a sweetheart, but he is also a great sire.  He is a nice size, has a great head shape, shiny black coat and a tightly curled tail.  He has produced some beautiful puppies.  We retained Bug, to add to our Pug breeding program.  

Dig Dug’s adult pictures are courtesy of Stephanie Richardson.  Jack's earliest puppy pictures are courtesy of his breeder, Zach's Pugs.  Dug's youngest puppy pictrures are courtesy of his breeder, Susan Kreyling.  All other pictures are the property of Swaying Sycamore Farm, Matt, Erin, Isaac and/or Megan Fruits, unless otherwise stated. They may not be used, copied, altered, distributed or sold, without prior written consent.