Male Pugs

These dogs are, first & foremost, our pets and a part of our family.  They are not for sale.


Swaying Sycamore's Tug-A-Pug-A ~ Retired

DOB  5/25/12
Color(s) ~ Black

Offspring ~ 

  1. Bug (F), Idaho (M), and Tinker (F)

Tug joined our family as a two-year-old.  He had a rough start, to life, but we have made sure he's spoiled now.  He is especially fond of our daughter, Megan.  He is not only a sweetheart, but he is also a great sire.  He is a nice size, has a great head shape, shiny black coat and a tightly curled tail.  He has produced some beautiful puppies.  We retained Bug, to add to our Pug breeding program.  

Swaying Sycamore's Dig Dug


DOB 5/4/18
Sire ~ Herbie The Love Pug Carey
Dam ~ Vanilla Spice Nicole Kreyling
Color(s) ~ Brindle


  1. Brindle (M), Fawn (M), Black (F), Fawn (M), Black (F), Fawn (M)

We wanted to add a male Pug that would offer us more variety in colors, for our future puppies.  We were so excited to find a Brindle!  We knew that he carried the genes to produce Fawn & Black, Black and Brindle.  When we went to pick Dug up, we found out that he has Whites in his lineage, through his maternal granddam.  We are hoping that he is a carrier.  Dug is a ball of energy and, like our other male Pugs, a total sweetheart.

Dug's youngest puppy pictrures are courtesy of his breeder, Susan Kreyling.  All other pictures are the property of Swaying Sycamore Farm, Matt, Erin, Isaac and/or Megan Fruits, unless otherwise stated. They may not be used, copied, altered, distributed or sold, without prior written consent.