Current Cria

SSFL Jasper


Sire ~ MSF Fabio
Dam ~ Double K Jasmine
ILR #295592 ~  DOB 9/7/21

Jasper, aka Stink Bug, came into this world a little early, but that definitely has not slowed him down! He is big-boned and full of attitude. He has one full blue eye and one brown eye with a blue speck on it. He is exactly what we joked about not wanting but he made our vision a whole lot better! We call him our little prodigy because at 2 weeks old he was already grazing and eating hay like a big kid and has figured out a lot of tricks at the farm. He sure is a handful already, but we are hoping he will become Megan’s next Showmanship partner, if he can live up to her standards. Hopefully, Stink Bug takes after his mom in the performance ring! 

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SSFL Rose Gold


Sire ~ LUA Status Quo
Dam ~ RCF Wing Of An Angel
ILR #296566 ~ DOB 4/29/22


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