Maiden Females

SSFL Juniper


Sire ~ LUA Status Quo 
Dam ~ Double K Jasmine
ILR #294185 ~ DOB  9/15/20

What can we say, other than WOW!  Juniper took forever to come into this world, but she was well worth the wait.  If we could have ordered a cria, this would be it!  Juni has amazing conformation, grows like a weed and has the best personality!  Quo and Jasmine nailed it on this one!  We can’t wait to see what she does in both the halter and performance ring, with Megan at the lead. 

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SSFL Isn't She Darling

Sire ~ LUA Status Quo
Dam ~ Belaira
ILR #292788 ~ DOB 5/9/19

~Darling has been a Multi-Time Champion and is a Finished Halter Champion~

Darling is a wonderful surprise!  We just can't believe she is as beautiful and flashy as she is!  Darling is a big stretchy, well-balanced girl with lots of presence, bone and coverage.  She is very curious and loves to greet everyone.  She really enjoys playing with our Airedale, Pugs and Shih Tzus.

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Sire ~ Peruvian Visteon
Dam ~ P496 Gitana 99/LOO40
ILR #275062 ~ DOB 6/10/08

~Visitina has been a Multi-Time Champion and is a Finished Halter Champion~

Visitina was added to our herd a little later in her life. She is a very big well-balanced female. She hadn’t been messed with very much, before we got her and for a couple years we didn’t mess with her much. When Megan needed a new Showmanship partner, she looked at Fizzy, as she calls her. It took a lot of hard work and they are both still working on it, but they are making an amazing team. They were even able to be named 2021 National Senior Showmanship Champions! Fizzy has definitely been able to earn her spot on the farm and in our hearts!