Maiden Females



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Sire ~ Peruvian Visteon
Dam ~ P496 Gitana 99/LOO40
ILR #275062 ~ DOB 6/10/08

Visitina is a big, strong, well-balanced female.  She has a gorgeous dilute red coloring, which we find very appealing.  We certainly like how she looks!  It was obvious, when we got her to the farm, that she had not been handled much, in her seven years.  We are enjoying getting to know her better.  We also look forward to seeing what she produces for us.

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LUA Lunar Status

ILR #289389 ~ DOB  9/26/15
LuLu's Dam was bred when we bought her.  We were blessed to have her born on the farm.  She is big boned, well balanced and has lots of gorgeous Suri locks.  She is a favorite, both on the farm and at shows.  She absolutely loves attention and to give kisses.  LuLu is the paternal sister to our herdsire, LUA Status Quo.  She is starting to make her way into the performance ring and has surprised us with her willingness.  LuLu will, more than likely, be bred Spring 2019.  
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Double K Jasmine


ILR #290217 ~ DOB  4/30/16
Double K Jasmine was purchased by our daughter, Megan, as her new Youth Performance partner.  Megan fell in love with her, the first time she saw her picture.  Jazz is nothing like any llama she has ever owned, both in wool type and appearance.  Jazz is already showing great promise, with her willingness to approach new things.  We cannot wait to see what these two accomplish together!