Female Pugs

These dogs are, first & foremost, our pets and a part of our family.  They are not for sale.



Swaying Sycamore's Sadie Sooie ~ Retired


DOB  5/25/12
Color(s) ~ Fawn

Offspring ~  

  1. Bug (F), Idaho (M), Tinker (F)
  2. Peanut (F), Rafi (M), Bo (M), Studly (M)
  3. Phoebe (F), Lyla (F)                               

Sadie is an extra special girl.  She was purchased right after we lost our first Pug, Smoosh.  We always say that Sadie needed us as much as we needed her.  She is completely devoted to us unless she has a litter of puppies.  Sadie is a wonderful mom.  She is very attentive and protective.  She is the Dam to two of our other females, Bug and Peanut.  We would love to have another litter from her, but we will just have to see.  She will stay with us, no matter what.                                                

Swaying Sycamore’s Bug-A-Boo


DOB  11/4/14
Sire ~  Swaying Sycamore's Tug-A-Pug-A
Dam ~ Swaying Sycamore's Sadie
Color(s) ~ Fawn

Offspring ~

  1. Willow (F), Luna (F), Teddy (M), Owen (M), Finn (M)

We had not really planned on keeping a puppy from this Tug & Sadie's litter, but Megan fell in love.  Bug was Megan's Christmas present.  Bug is, by far, the biggest Pug we have.  She is also one of the sweetest.  She loves cuddling with all of us, but especially her Megan.  She is an incredible mommy and produces gorgeous puppies.

Swaying Sycamore’s Peanut


DOB  7/30/16
Sire ~ Otis

Dam ~ Swaying Sycamore's Sadie Sooie
Color(s) ~ Fawn

Peanut had a very rough start.  Sadie sensed something was wrong and was not very interested in her.  I would help Peanut nurse and took extra care of her, myself.  She drowned in her water dish.  Thank God, I was able to do CPR and bring her back.  From that point on, her tongue has hung out to the side.  She is an adult now.  At 9.5 lbs., she is on the small side.  This has not slowed her down one bit.  What Peanut lacks in size, she makes up for in energy.  She is a wild one!  She is a "big" part of our lives and will only be a pet.