Female Pugs

These dogs are, first & foremost, our pets and a part of our family.  They are not for sale.


Swaying Sycamore’s Black Pearl 


CKC # ~ PG-05136732
DOB 4/15/18
Sire ~ Shrek
Dam ~ Princess Fiona
Color(s) ~ Black

We already had Pugs that carry the genes to produce Fawn and Solid Black, so we decided to find a female that carried other colors.  We found a "pearl", a Black Pearl!  She is out of a dam that is Brindle and a sire that is White.  Her litters have had Brindle, Black and Fawn puppies.  We were blessed to get a girl that is as sweet as she is beautiful.  Pearl is one of the most loveable and friendly Pugs we have.  She is very confident and playful.

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Swaying Sycamore's Black Opal


CKC # ~ PG-05169325
DOB 2/26/19
Sire ~ Swaying Sycamore's Dig Dug
Dam ~ Swaying Sycamore's Black Pearl
Color(S) ~ Black

We absolutely love Opal's Dam & Sire, so we definitely wanted to keep a female out of this pairing.  Opal is just as sweet and loving as her parents. She is normally attached to one of us.  She is a farm dog too.  She was immediately comfortable with our llamas.  She is very well behaved around them.  She has the potential to produce Fawn, Black, White, Brindle and Reverse Brindle.  She has given us some absolutely beautiful and playful puppies.

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